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2013 Festival Program

During 2nd Persian International Film Festival, over the course of 11 days and screenings of 35 features, shorts and documentaries, our audience got to enjoy some of the best Persian cinema had to offer. For those who were lucky enough to attend one of our special sessions with Niki Karimi, they gained an insight into her films both as an actress and director.

Our retrospective program this year also offered audiences an opportunity to review some of the best films of the last fifty years of Iranian cinema.

Festival Guest

The award-winning Iranian actor, screenwriter and director, Niki Karimi, was festival’s guest special guest in 2013.

Her films One NightA Few Days Later and Final Whistle were screened during the festival followed by Q&A. She also held a master class with the students of Sydney Film School.

Niki Karimi
Niki Karimi

Retrospective: 50 Years of Iranian Cinema

We showcased some of the masterpieces produced in Iran from 1969 to 2009, to celebrate Iranian Cinema and the filmmakers who with their innovative works paved the path for future generations.

Feature Films

Short Films



Duet Australian Premiere | 2013 Navid DANESH was born in Oroumieh, Iran in 1985. During university time he got enthusiastic about cinema. After graduation in English Translation in 2006, he started his



Needle Sydney Premiere | 2013 Anahita Ghazvinizadeh (b1989, Tehran, Iran) is a filmmaker and writer. She got her BFA in cinema from Tehran University of Art and her MFA in studio arts



Horn Australian Premiere | 2013 Roohollah Masroor is a young photographer that has worked as cameraman for the past 6 years. He enjoys the experience of working behind the scenes with famous


Buzkashi Boys

Buzkashi Boys Australian Premiere | 2013 A founding director of Development Pictures based in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sam French is an award-winning filmmaker whose work has appeared on Channel 4, Al Jazeera, National


The Boxes

The Boxes Australian Premiere | 2013 Ehsan Jafari was born in 12th September 1982, he began his cinematic carrier by working in a 35mm film laboratory in Iran for 8 years. He


On The Path

On The Path Australian Premiere | 2015 Amir Sarrafha was born in Iran 1979. He received a Masters degree in Cinema in 2000 and has been making films and TV series ever since.

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