Hiner Saleem

Hiner Saleem Biography Hiner Saleem (also transliterated as Hiner Salim) is an Iraqi–Kurdish film director. His memoir, My Father's Rifle, has been translated into several languages. Hiner Saleem was born in the town of Aqrah in Iraqi Kurdistan. He left Iraq at the age of 17, and soon made


Bahman Ghobadi

Bahman Ghobadi Biography Bahman Ghobadi was born on February 1st, 1969 in Baneh, a city near the Iran- Iraq border in the province of Kurdistan, Iran. He was the first son in a family of seven siblings. He lived in Baneh until, at the age of 12, civil disputes


Majid Majidi

Majid Majidi Biography Tehran born Majidi grew up in a middle class Iranian family. By the time he was 14, he started acting in amateur theatre groups which led him to study at the Institute of Dramatic Art in Teheran. After the Islamic revolution in 1978, his interest in


Rakhshan Bani-Etemad

Rakhshan Bani-Etemad Biography Born in 1954, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad is a graduate of filmmaking from Tehran’s Faculty of Dramatic Arts. She joined Iranian TV 1974 and started her career as a script-girl and assistant director. She directed a number of best documentaries in Iranian TV in early years after the


Amir Naderi

Amir Naderi Biography Born on 15 August, 1946 in Abadan, Amir Naderi is an Iranian film director, screenwriter and one of the most influential figures of 20th-century Persian cinema. Naderi developed his knowledge of cinema by watching films at the theater where he worked as a boy, reading film


Dariush Mehrjui

Dariush Mehrjui Biography Born on 8th December 1939 in Tehran, he was deeply involved in music and painting, playing piano and santoor and drawing miniatures. In 1959, he left Iran for California to study cinema. But at those days, UCLA's cinema department was more interested in the technical aspects


Bahram Beizai

Bahram Beizai Biography Bahram Beyzai was born in Tehran, Iran on 26 December 1938. He was introduced to the world of art when he was still very young. In high school he wrote two historical plays which eventually became his preferred method of writing. He then entered University of


Tahmineh Milani

Tahmineh Milani Biography Milani was known for touching controversial and sensitive issues, including women's rights and the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The majority of Milani's films involve brave women who suffer under oppressive regimes. Her early films resembled fables, such as her 1990 offering Efsanye-e Ah (The Legend of a


Majid Barzegar

Majid Barzegar Biography Since 1990, the critically acclaimed Iranian filmmaker and producer, Majid Barzegar has been involved in the production of many independent short and feature films. Most of these films have been showcased at various international film festivals including Berlinale, San Sebastian Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, São


Vida Irani

Vida Irani   Biography Vida Irani has been an avid film enthusiast for most of her life. In 2015 she finally had the opportunity to direct her first short film Stigma, a documentary about the taboo subject of attempted suicide. Stigma screened at the 23rd Sydney Film School Festival