In Competition


Directed by: Mohammad Reza Khavari
Production Year: 2022 Country: Iran Length: 15 minutes


In an attempt to support his pregnant classmate, a young man falsely declares himself as her husband in the midst of a heated confrontation with their professor. Meanwhile her actual Husband has been waiting to speak with this same professor, and upon confronting him after class, a serious misunderstanding arises, ultimately victimizing the young pregnant woman.


Director: Mohammad Reza Khavari
Writer: Mohammad Reza Khavari
Producers: Emma Sofia Fazzuoli, Adrian Mani, Mohammad Reza Khavari
Cinematographer: Keyvan Shabani
Production Designer: Nasim Maleki
Composer: Arash Kamfar
Editor: Mohammad Reza Khavari
Makeup: Lida Irani
Sound Designer: Erfan Ebrahimi


Nasim Adabi
Faranak Kalantar
Mohammad Movahednia
Amin Mazaheri
Houra Kian
Shahrouz Aghaei

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