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2018       Iran       95 minutes       15+

For Iranian teenager Golsa and her group of bored, upper-class friends, it seems like a bit of fun to rob a local corner shop. But the robbery quickly become serious when they realise they left behind security footage that could incriminate them. Bullied by her “friends” into retrieving the footage, Golsa hides it at her favourite place, the horse stables where she rides. Refusing to hand over the footage, Golsa is ostracised by her rich friends and finds herself at odds with her family; the stables become her only sanctuary. She must confront the hypocrisy and moral dilemmas of society, and try to right the wrongs she’s had a hand in. An insightful tale of ethics, class division, rebellion and youth in modern Iran.


  • 68th Berlin International Film Festival
  • Fajr International Film Festival
  • Winner of: ‘Special Mention’ Award – 68th Berlin International Film Festival 2018, Generation 14plus Competition
  • Winner of: ‘Best First Film’ Award at the 36th Fajr International Film Festival, 2018.

Pooya Badkoobeh

Pooya Badkoobeh was born into a theatrical Tehran family on January 5th 1983. His father was a well-known children’s TV director and producer, so Pooya spent much of his childhood on set. He graduated in graphics from the Tehran School of Art in 2000 and then graduated in theatrical studiesfrom the Azad University of [...]

Pooya Badkoobeh
Persian with English Subtitles
Hamed Rajabi
Samira Baradari, Roohollah Baradari
Ashkan Ashkani
Mohammadreza Muini, Meysam Muini
Negar Moghaddam, Ali Mosaffa, Yasna Mirtahmasb

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