Ziba Karamali


Ziba is known for her role as the leading actress in Lottery (2018) a film that not only got attention of the film reviewers and juries but also holds the record of the most sales in the Fajr film festival (the most prestigious film festival in Iran) for all the time. Despite her good start in acting, she doesn't want to leave her main point of interest, to tell stories and influence. Filmmaking.

Emad, a 2018 Soore University graduate, is also well known among Iranian short film makers because of his participation as cinematographer in several short projects.

They met each other in a short project. They find that they have a lot of common social concerns, as well as common sense about their artistic visions. Those lead them to work together on the Bater as their first film. A film that, despite most of the well known Iranian shorts and features, not only talks about Iran but also about a subject that involves every society.

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