Bardia Yadegari


Bardia Yadegari (born in September 27, 1980, Kermanshah Iran) is an Iranian screenwriter and film director. He started to work in the Iranian film industry as an assistant sound recordist in 2001. Later he shifted his direction to writing and so far he has proven himself as a poet, screenwriter and director.

While working as a researcher and screenwriter in different formats of filmmaking, Bardia published his first book in 2016. He has also written several articles for foreign journals like Guardian. Bardia’s poems never get the license to be published in Iran.

During the past years Bardia has worked on several feature films, documentary and short films as a screenwriter and director with acclaimed Iranian filmmakers. In 2020, he acted and assisted in There Is No Evil by Mohammad Rasoulof which won The Golden Bear of the 70th Berlin Film Festival

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