Ehsan Mirhosseini


Ehsan Mirhosseini (born in August 20, 1985 in Ahvaz, Iran) is an Iranian screenwriter and film director. Raising up in a middle-class family, he started studying cinema at Iranian Youth Cinema Society in Tehran. While working as a film critic in Iranian Cinema magazines and newspapers Ehsan made his first short film titled Picking the Grape in 2007. Since then he has worked on many film projects as a screenwriter and assistant director.

In 2015, Ehsan decided to focus more on screenwriting with Bardia Yadegari, they wrote 4 screenplays and directed a short film titled Unlimited Internet (2017) which was in the official selection of Tehran International Short Film Festival in 2017. Ehsan experienced his first film as an actor in The Golden Bear winner film of 2020 Berlin Film Festival “There Is No Evil” directed by Mohammad Rasoulof.

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