Yalda Hakim


Yalda Hakim is a well-known presenter of the BBC World News’ flagship program Impact. She joined BBC World News in 2012 as a presenter and correspondent delivering hard-hitting journalism on many global issues. Yalda has reported extensively on the rise and fall of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq. Most recently she travelled to the world’s youngest nation South Sudan which is embroiled in brutal civil war. She reported that more than 4 million people are now on the brink of famine in the devastated country. In 2013 Yalda and her team won a UN Association of Australia Media Award in the category of Best Television Documentary for her two investigations in Yemen. Before joining BBC World News, Yalda was the presenter of SBS Dateline in Australia. From a headline-making investigation in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province to her reporting from Libya during the Arab Spring, Yalda has built up a wealth of journalistic experience around the world.

Jury Members

Member - FEATURE FILMS - 2012