Mahboba Rawi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. At just 15 years of age, Mahboba was forced to flee from Soviet authorities and lived for two years in a Pakistan refugee camp until she married and moved to Australia. Despite suffering a personal tragedy in 1992 when she lost her son in a drowning accident, Mahboba worked tirelessly to help Afghan refugees in Australia, by teaching them swimming and English.

In 1998, after a plea for help from a Doctor in Peshawar, Pakistan, Mahboba began to raising money and awareness for Afghan widows and orphans living in refugee camps. Her passion for the well-being of the Afghan people led to the formation of Mahboba’s Promise Inc in 2001. Mahboba’s Promise is known around the world as a reputable charity dedicated to directly improving the lives of vulnerable women and children of Afghanistan. Since Mahboba’s Promise was established, Mahboba’s determination has led to the establishment of Hope Houses, Primary and Secondary schools for both boys and girls, primary health care services in rural areas, and vocational programs for women and young people, providing them with the tools required to live a self-sufficient life. Not only has Mahboba’s Promise made a huge impact in Afghanistan, it has concurrently built bridges between Australian and Afghan communities.