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I Am Nasrine

Directed by: Tina Gharavi
Production Year: 2011   Country: England    Length: 83 minutes


Set in modern day Tehran, and the UK, the film follows Nasrine and Ali, sister and brother in a comfortable, middle class Iranian home. For Nasrine, Iran is an unyielding place. The rules are clear, and breaking them has consequences. When Nasrine has a run-in with the police, the punishment she receives is more than she bargained for. At their father’s bidding, Nasrine and Ali set out for the UK, torn about leaving behind their home and all that they know, embarking on a reluctant exile. Still, for Nasrine, there is undeniable excitement about the prospect of starting a new life in the West, and an eagerness for its promise of new freedoms.


Director: Tina Gharavi
Writer: Tina Gharavi
Producers: James Richard Baillie, Tina Gharavi
Cinematographer: David Raedeker
Production Designer: Chryssanthy Kofidou
Editor: Lesley Walker, Lucia Zucchetti
Music: Christian Siddell


Micsha Sadeghi
Shiraz Haq
Christian Coulson

In Competition – Feature Films

In Competition – Feature Films