Tina Gharavi is a BAFTA-nominated Film/TV Director and Screenwriter. Gharavi is known for making innovative cross-platform stories about outsiders, misfits and people in extraordinary situations.

Gharavi’s award-winning work have been screened internationally, broadcast worldwide on the BBC, Channel 4 (UK), ITV, Showtime, Educational Broadcasting System South Korea, and in the contemporary art world, including multiple screenings at the ICA in London, the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (UK) and the Sundance Film Festival. Her films are housed in the permanent collections of MIT, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, British Film Institute, Harvard University Library, Tyne & Wear Archives, Manchester Art Gallery, and the Donnell Library NY amongst others.

Her debut feature film, I Am Nasrine was nominated for a BAFTA. Sir Ben Kingsley called it “an important and much-needed film.” Gharavi has TV credits to her name including directing on The Tunnel the UK equivalent of The Bridge for Sky and Ackley Bridge for Channel Four TV.

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