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Please Don’t Disturb

Directed by: Mohsen Abdolvahab
Production Year: 2010   Country: Iran    Length: 80 minutes


A three-tiered story of a day in the life of Tehran, seen through the eyes of a battered wife, a mullah, and an elderly couple. First, a middle-class couple that is confronted with domestic violence. Will the woman file a complaint with the authorities? Then, a mullah, embarking on a surrealist negotiation with the thief who stole his wallet. Finally an elderly couple whose TV set is broken, but who do not dare to open the door to the young repairman.


Director: Mohsen Abdolvahab
Writer: Mohsen Abdolvahab
Producers: Mohammad Ahmadi
Cinematographer: Mohammad Ahmadi
Production Designer: Amir Esbati
Editor: Sepideh Abdolvahab
Music: Fardin Khalatbari


Baran Kosari
Hadi Amel
Hamed Behdad
Lili Farhadpour
Majid Foroughi

In Competition – Feature Films

In Competition – Feature Films