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District Terminal

Directed by: Bardia Yadegari, Ehsan Mirhosseini
Production Year: 2021    Country: Iran, Germany    Length: 116 minutes


Peyman is a poet living in an old district of Tehran with his mother. Trapped by his drug addiction, poverty and a forbidden love affair, he tries to survive in spite of censorship, his delusions and increasing loneliness. His path to redemption will drive him through an imaginary world, where environmental destructions and a persisting state of emergency mirror contemporary Iran.


Director: Bardia Yadegari, Ehsan Mirhosseini
Writer: Bardia Yadegari, Ehsan Mirhosseini
Producers: Farzad Pak, Amir Mirhosseini
Cinematographer: Navid Moheimanian
Production Designer: Alireza Ghaffarzadeh
Composer: Alireza Shams Eskandari
Editor: Hossein Tavakoli


Bardia Yadegari
Ali Hemmati
Farideh Azadi
Sar Ajorlou
Amin Mirhosseini
Reza Bahrami
Ali Kamali
Bahar Jahanara
Maryam Moradi
Random Taghavi

In Competition – Feature Films

In Competition – Feature Films