In Competition


Directed by: Milad Alami
Production Year: 2023 Country: Sweden Length: 119 minutes


In the aftermath of a devastating rumor, Iman and his family have been forced to flee Iran. As refugees, they end up in a run-down hotel in northern Sweden. Despite feeling powerless, Iman tries to maintain his role as the family patriarch. To increase their chances of asylum, he breaks a promise to his wife and joins the local wrestling club. As the rumours start to resurface, Iman’s fear and desperation begin to take a hold.


Director: Milad Alami
Writer: Milad Alami
Producers: Annika Rogell, Sandra Warg, Peter Possne
Cinematographer: Sebastian Winterø
Production Designer: Thomas Øyjordsbakken
Composer: Jon Ekstrand, Carl-Johan Sevedag
Editor: Olivia Neergaard-Holm
Sound Designer: Andreas Franck


Payman Maadi
Marall Nasiri
Björn Elgerd
Ardalan Esmaili
Arvin Kananian
Nicole Mehrbod
Diana Farzami
Magnus Mark
Joonas Saartmo

In Competition – Feature Films

In Competition – Feature Films