Resistance Cinema

Red Rose

Directed by: Sepideh Farsi
Production Year: 2014    Country: France, Greece, Iran    Length: 87 minutes


Tehran. June 2009. The uproar of a city swinging with the “Green Wave” of protest to the rigged presidential election.
An apartment as a shelter.
A man and a woman who belong to two different generations.
A mobile phone and a computer to communicate with the free world.
A love story, that will change two lives.


Director: Sepideh Farsi
Writer: Javad Djavahery, Sepideh Farsi
Producer: Thierry Lenouvel
Cinematographer: Pantelis Mantzanas
Production Designer: Mayou Trikerioti
Composer: Ibrahim Maalouf
Editor: Bonita Papastathi


Mina Kavani
Vassilis Koukalani
Babak Farahani
Javad Djavahery
Rezvan Zandieh
Shirin Maanian

In Competition – Feature Films

In Competition – Feature Films