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Ashkan, The Charmed Ring & Other Stories

Directed by: Shahram Mokri
Production Year: 2012   Country: Iran    Length: 90 minutes


This film crosses five interlocking stories: A police officer who is unhappily in love with a cashier, a sculptor who dreams of emigrating, a young man who constantly tries to commit suicide, and, in the midst of it all, two blind jewellery thieves, who are about to make the heist of their lives. The various threads of the narrative cross each other in unexpected ways, but all the pieces of the puzzle fall into exactly the right place.


Director: Shahram Mokri
Writer: Shahram Mokri
Producers: Mehdi Karimi
Cinematographer: Shahram Mokri
Production Designer: Ladan Kanani
Editor: Arash Rasafi
Music: Abuzar Saffarian


Mohammad Abbasi
Sadaf Ahmadi
Amir-Hossein Asani

In Competition – Feature Films

In Competition – Feature Films