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Fish and Cat

Directed by: Shahram Mokri
Production Year: 2013  Country: Iran    Length: 134 minutes


Some college students travel to a remote region for a camping trip and to participate in a kite-flying event. By the bleak lakeside, there’s a restaurant, where three cooks treating the students very suspiciously. The relation between the students and the cooks gradually becomes weirder as it seems the students are confronting some problems that there is no escape.


Director & Scriptwriter: Shahram Mokri
Producer: Sepehr Seyfi
Executive Producer: Shahrzad Seyfi
Director of Photography: Mahmoud Kalari
Art Director: Amir Esbati
Sound: Parviz Abnar
Music: Christophe Rezai
Make Up Artists: Ehsan Ronasi & Shiva Pakniat
Assistant Director: Asma Ebrahim Zadegan
Production Manager: Mehdi Badrloo


Babak Karimi
Saeed Ebrahimifar
Abed Abest
Ainaz Azarhoush
Mona Ahmadi
Neda Jebraieli
Parinaz Tayeb
Samaneh Vafaiee

In Competition – Feature Films

In Competition – Feature Films