The Servant


Australian Premiere | 2017


Director's Biography
Director's Biography
Farnoosh Abedi was born in 1985 in Isfahan. He has made more than 20 short animated films and TV series and documentaries. His films was presented and screened in more than 100 domestic and international film festivals.


A writer on the verge of suicide catches an insect in a glass, and instead of following his first impulse and killing it, he lets the crave grow up in his favor. Over time, however, the animal earns a different and more gloomy function, and soon they fight a match for the roles to be exchanged between them: The waiter will be champion.


  • Tehran International short Film Festival Iran 2016
  • Cinequest International Film Festival CA USA 2017
  • London Independent Film Awards 2017 (Winner grand jury best animation short)
  • Open World Animation Festival PA USA 2017
  • Tehran International Animation Festival Iran 2017 (Winner best animation short)
  • Arizona International Film Festival USA 2017
  • South Asia Toronto Film Festival Canada 2017
  • We Like ‘EM short and Animation Festival Oregon USA 2017
  • Ismailia International Film Festival Egypt 2017
  • Verobeach Wine+Film Festival Florida USA 2017
  • Riverside International Film Festival CA USA 2017
  • Fajr International Film Festival Iran 2017
  • Fantaspoa International Film Festival PA Brazil 2017 (Winner best audience award)
  • Gandia International Cartoon Festival Valencia Spain 2017
  • Miami Epic trailer Film Festival FL USA 2017
  • Silver Scream International Film Festival CA USA 2017 (Winner best animation)
  • Seattle International Film Festival Wa USA 2017
  • Cine Pobre International Film Festival La Paz Mexico 2017
  • Fear No Film Festival Utah Arts USA 2017
  • Time Line Brianza Film Festival Italy 2017
  • Snake Alley Film Festival Burlington LA CA USA 2017
  • Black Film Festival San Francisco USA 2017
  • ST Albans Film Festival England 2017
  • Odense Film Festival Denmark 2017
  • Drunken Film Festival Bradford WY London England 2017
  • Marfa Film Festival TX USA 2017
  • Frostbite Film Festival CL USA 2017
  • Asian Cinevision Film Festival Brooklyn NY USA 2017
  • Cine De Querétaro International Film Festival Mexico 2017
  • High Peak Independent Film Festival NewMills England 2017
  • Golden Bagger International Film Festival Košice Slovakia 2017
  • Mosaic World International Film Festival Rockford IL USA 2017
  • Fresco Film Festival Yerevan Armenia 2017
  • Florida Animation Festival Tallahassee FL USA 2017
  • Elche Independent Film Festival Spain 2017 (Winner best short animation)
  • Mykonos Biennale Film Festival NY USA 2017
  • Raindance Film Festival London England 2017
  • Animanima Animation Festival Serbia 2017
  • Moondance Film Festival CL USA 2017 (Winner best animation)
  • DC Short International Film Festival WA DC USA 2017
  • Hudson Short Film Festival NY USA 2017
  • Ellensburgh Film Festival WA USA 2017
  • Cartoon Club Animation and Comics Festival Rimini Italy 2017
  • Peachtree Village International Film Festival GA USA 2017
  • Brooklyn Horror Film Festival NY USA 2017
  • Horrible Imagining Film Festival San Diego CA USA 2017
  • Northwest Horrorshow Film Festival Vancouver Canada 2017
  • Fayetteville Film Festival AR USA 2017
  • Urban International Film Festival Tehran Iran 2017
  • Montreal Animation Festival Canada 2017

Production Team

Farnoosh Abedi
9 min
Persian with English Subtitles
Premiere Status 
 Mohsen Nabavi
Negah Fardiar
Soroosh Abedi
Mohadeseh Pilevarian, Motahareh Pilevarian

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