Kaveh Mazaheri


Born 1981 in Tehran, Iran. An interest in cinema led Mazaheri to begin writing film criticism for Iranian magazines after graduating from college in 2004. His first short film, Tweezers (2007). To date, he has made four independent short films and more than twenty short and long documentaries. He is the editor and author of a great many projects aside from his own. His most characteristic filmsinclude “A REPORT ABOUT MINA”(Documentary, 2015) and “RETOUCH”(Short fiction, 2017). “RETOUCH” won “Best Short Fiction Film” from Tribeca, Krakow, Palm Springs, Stockholm, Tirana, Traverse City, Zubroffka , Ojai, Fajr, IBAFF, Dublin, Short Waves, Mediawave, Cellu l’art, Sorsi Corti Film Festivals.

Films at the Festival