Tahmineh Monzavi


Tahmineh Monzavi (born 1988 in Tehran) belongs to the young generation of promising Iranian woman photographers with a body of work that embodies a mature vision along with a unique and comprehensive outlook on the subjects. She received her BA in photography from Azad University but had begun her activities as a documentary photographer prior to that in 2005 when her passionate eye was enthralled by the existing but not quite publicly acknowledged social issues in her hometown, Tehran. Her documentary photographs venture into the underground layers of the city in order to unveil the unseen and the unwanted, hoping to create a deeper awareness of what is shunned upon or seen as taboo through the public eye. In 2009 she made her first documentary film to allow the more expressive medium of film open up new horizons to her creative and critical thinking yet clear traces of her photographic background could be seen in her approach to this new medium.

Films at the Festival