Narges Abyar


Narges Abyar graduated in Persian literature; She started writing books in 1997. Up to the present, she has written more than thirty story and fiction books for children, young adults and adults. She was selected as an Oscar Academy member in 2020. Her famous novels are namely: . Mountain on the Shoulder of the Tree . A Boy with insatiable worms on his body . Third Eye . The Legend of A Skinny Spring . It Was Neither a Day Nor a Night . The Poems of a Sky-clad Fish . Story of Two Fives . The Agitated Existence of a Prosperous Idol

She has written and directed five drama films. Her recent film is called, Pinto. She had also made several short and feature-length documentaries since 2005. Her first experience was a fiction film called "The Kind Dead-End". She pursued her directing career further with seven features and documentaries and four cinema films, as listed below: . The Kind Dead-End (fiction 2006) . The story of a believable story (fiction 2007) . One day after the tenth day (documentary 2007)

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