Pirooz Kalantari


Born in 1953 in Tehran, Pirooz Kalantari is a graduate of Tehran's High College of Film & TV in 1974. He started his career as journalist since 1986 and he collaborated with Film Monthly mostly as a film critic. He made his first documentary, The Refugee in 1992 and the film got two awards: Press Prize of the 3rd Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival of 1994 and the Bronze Torch of Best Documentary at the 5th Pyongyang Film Festival of 1995. He made his second documentary, Lasting Story in 1993 and co-directed To Whom You Show These Films in 1994 together with Rakhshan Bani-Etemad.

The Little Story-Tellers of a Strange Village was completed in 1995 and Unfinished Shot in 1996. Mr. Kalantari made Story of Another Shoe in 1997 and his internationally successful film; Alone in Tehran (1999) was shown in many film festivals around the world. He completed his controversial film, That Is Life in 2002 that deals with college students in Tehran and their lost ideals, dreams and hopes. His next documentary films are Tarseh (2003), Gharghab (2004), Tehran, A Few Richter (2006), In Un-ended Streets (2009), Reading Salinger’s Works at City Park (2011), Four Views (2012) and If There Were Not the Aged-People (20120.Pirooz Kalantari has been the founding member of Iranian Society of Documentary Film Directors and has made several researches on the history of Iranian cinema and especially Iranian documentary cinema.

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