Sam Kalantari


Many years of extensive experience in different genres in film making and cinema, is a simplified explanation of the characteristics of Sam Kalantari’s resume. In addition to making 15 documentaries and short movies, he also has the experience of directing and making advertisements for international companies to his credit. Among his achievements and pride are winning of the Crystal Phoenix «Simorgh-e-Boloorin - a prestigious award presented at the Tehran Fajr Film Festival» for the best documentary, in the Thirty eighth Fajr Film Festival. He also won the Special Judges award for «Best Director at the International Film Festival» and was awarded the «Best Director of Iranian Cinema award». These are some of Sam's success stories and achievements. He was also in the panel of judges international «Cinema Haghighat» film festivals and Fajr Festival, Sam has Membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is a professional photographer and holds international exhibitions. And last but certainly not least, he was the director of the ninth independent Iranian documentary film festival.

Films at the Festival